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Bruce Willis with FTD: A commitment to care, connect and advocate!

Approximately one year ago, the world heard the word “aphasia” across every news outlet as acclaimed actor Bruce Willis was reported to be stepping away from his career following this diagnosis.  What we didn’t know, at the time, was the etiology/cause of this frustrating language impairment for Mr. Willis.  It was suspected, by many in […]

You’ve got a FRIEND in me…

“My friends…where?”;  “Friends, no…gone!”; “Can’t talk…bye, friend…lonely.”  Speech Language Pathologists working with individuals with aphasia have heard these phrases suggesting that their communication challenges have negatively impacted their ability to maintain friendships or make new friends.  Aphasia and other physical challenges that result from stroke or other brain injury can change the social life, vocational […]

Aphasia on the big screen!

This week saw “Aphasia” in the news, as Gabrielle Giffords, former AZ Congresswoman introduced her long awaited documentary:  “Gabby Giffords Won’t Back Down”.  This powerful film chronicles Gabby’s life and her political journey that was tragically cut short by a targeted act of violence in January 2011 that took the life of 6 people and caused […]