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Aphasia on the big screen!

This week saw “Aphasia” in the news, as Gabrielle Giffords, former AZ Congresswoman introduced her long awaited documentary:  “Gabby Giffords Won’t Back Down”.  This powerful film chronicles Gabby’s life and her political journey that was tragically cut short by a targeted act of violence in January 2011 that took the life of 6 people and caused injury to 13 others.  Gabby sustained a gunshot wound to the brain, partially paralyzing her, causing visual impairment and resulting in severe aphasia and apraxia of speech.  Gabby’s journey with APHASIA is documented with videoclips from early days in the hospital to her dedicated practice of speeches for her current efforts to stop gun violence.  TAP clients and others who have witnessed aphasia’s impact will recognize the power of music and song, the need for consistent practice and the often grueling effort it takes to rewire the brain and gain back those precious words.

The film, touted as “A Comeback Story Like No Other”, was released in theaters for only 2-3 days this July and is anticipated to be streaming on CNN later this year.  Directed by Betsy West and Julie Cohen of the famed RBG documentary, this movie will inspire and challenge you as it paints the picture of what it takes to overcome the struggles of a traumatic brain injury.  Aphasia is well represented, aiding us in increasing the awareness of aphasia across the globe.  Our TAP family will be pleased to see the clear presentation of aphasia as a language disorder, versus one of intellect or memory.  The entire aphasia community is appreciative of the awareness that Gabby, her family and the film-makers provided with this film.  For more information on the film, visit: