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Ask Abbe About Aphasia Workshop 2024

Hello to all!

The post is dedicated to the 2024 Ask Abbe about Aphasia Workshop.

This limited virtual group is running for four weeks in June so that during Aphasia Awareness Month our clients can come with any questions they have about aphasia.

Abbe Simon facilitated these workshops. She is a wonderful speech therapist and health coach, as well as the owner of icommunicare.  She is a long time TAP group leader.

Watch each episode below:

Episode 1 (June 3): AAAA 2024 – Session 1 (

Episode 2 (June 10): AAAA 2024 – Session 2 (

Episode 3 (June 17): AAAA 2024 – Sessions 3 (

Episode 4 (June 24): AAAA 2024 – Session 4 (