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What is Aphasia

Aphasia is a communication disorder that does NOT impact intelligence or memory, rather a person’s ability to use language in the forms of speech, writing, reading and listening. Imagine knowing exactly what you want to say without being able to get it out or seeing letters on a page that you can’t put together as recognizable words or sentences.

Aphasia results primarily from stroke, brain injury or tumor, and less frequently as part of a progressive disease.

The doctors and nurses saved my mom’s life after her stroke. TAP gave my mom her life back through community, acceptance, confidence, advocacy, and support.


Suddenly you are transported to a foreign country where you can’t speak or understand the spoken or written language. Your intellect is intact, and you have a clear knowledge of what you want to say. You have your thoughts but can’t access the words to say or even write them. Words you hear or read appear unclear or without reference. “Why can’t I communicate?”

What you have just imagined is what life is like for individuals with a communication disorder known as aphasia. Aphasia is the result of injury to the brain from stroke, tumor and other illnesses. A person with aphasia retains intelligence, but experiences difficulty in speaking, reading, writing, and understanding spoken language.

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The Impact of Aphasia

There are at least 2,000,000 people in the United States with aphasia.
Aphasia may cause social isolation, loss of community and engagement in recreational, vocational and avocational pursuits.

Aphasia Awareness Statistics

Aphasia Awareness Statistics

  • 84.5% of people have never heard the term “Aphasia.”
  • About 1 in 3 strokes result in aphasia.
  • There are at least 2,000,000 people in United States with aphasia.
  • Stroke is a leading cause of disability.
  • More people have aphasia than have many other common conditions, including cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, or muscular dystrophy.

How TAP Can Help

TAP Serves the Individual

Our group programs for individuals with aphasia cater to different hobbies and passions, creating an environment where those with aphasia are motivated to work towards improved communication skills. Group programs are led by speech pathologists and volunteers.

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TAP Serves the Family

TAP understands that when an individual in a family has aphasia, the entire family is impacted. TAP families are offered a variety of programs including Learning to Speak Aphasia, Communication Support Team training, and more. The result is the restoration of hope, determination, purpose, and engagement.

Loved Ones Support

TAP Serves the Professional

Reengaging with the community can be challenging for individuals with aphasia. We offer resources and training for individuals, groups, and companies who want to better serve individuals with aphasia.