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TAP Clients

This page is for clients who have already had their consultation with Triangle Aphasia Project Unlimited. If you have not had a consultation yet, please visit Get Help Now


TAP Virtual Groups

Virtual groups are held on Zoom. Zoom is a platform for group meetings, webinars, etc.

Payment Info

We have many resources for our current Triangle Aphasia Project Unlimited participants including:

  • TAP Virtual Groups and In-Person Groups (with the exception of Support Groups, which are offered at no cost) cost $7 per group. Invoices will be sent at the end of each month. You can pay online here:
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Triangle Aphasia Project Unlimited

Please continue to check our website and newsletter for new groups and opportunities.
  • TAP Conversation & Connections

    This group format is offered multiple days per week! It focuses on all areas of language (reading, writing, listening & speaking). There may be a predetermined theme or follow the conversational flow of the group. Varied Group Leaders. Both in-person and virtual options. Find your best fit!
  • TAP Book Clubs

    TAP offers two different book clubs: 1) TAP into Reading will increase your confidence while working on reading abilities and 2) TAP’s Mind Readers will challenge those reading skills. TAP can help you obtain a digital reader and encourages discussions on all kinds of books from fiction to biographies, etc. A typical book will span over 6-8 weeks, but you can join in anytime.
  • TAP Movie Club

    All about movies and films! The group leader helps foster discussion and provides supports so everyone can participate. A movie is suggested weekly but is not required for participation.
  • TED Talks Group

    This group uses TED Talks and other inspirational readings/presentations to spark discussion. Watch a short TEDTalk for the first portion of the group and discuss during the second portion. Works on auditory comprehension as well as verbal expression/speech.
  • TAP Virtual Vacations

    Get-away…virtually. This group takes trips around the world, with visits to tourist sites via video, guides and discussions…all without jet lag!
  • TAP's Write On Group

    This group focuses on written expression. Members will engage in writing with the use of pen/paper, speech to text, typing, or a combination of all.
  • TAP into Sports

    This group is all about sports! We will discuss recent and historical sporting events, watch video clips, etc.
  • TAP into Word Games

    Join this group and work on language skills by solving word games and puzzles together.
  • TAP into Memories

    This group is all about telling your own story. Memories are discussed with prompts such as pictures, videos and text.
  • TAP into the Bible

    A multimodal language group with bible study as the focus. Stories, testimonials and discussions support a person’s interest in returning to reading the bible.

Some Special Groups

  • TAP’s Nuestro Encuentro

    Este grupo en espanol ayuda a los participantes a mejorar sus habilidades de comunicacion, brindandoles oportunidades, para tener un major desempeno comunicativo y social entre sus companeros. (This group in Spanish helps participants to improve their communication skills, providing them with opportunities to have a better communicative and social performance among their peers.)
  • TAP Care Partner Support Group

    This ongoing support group is designed for care partners of individuals with aphasia. It offers a safe space to share experiences and discuss how aphasia impacts your life, among others who understand the journey. Each week, the focus alternates between care partners for those with stroke-induced aphasia versus progressive aphasia. 1st and 3rd Friday: progressive aphasia. 2nd and 4th Friday: stroke-induced aphasia
  • TAPLinks / PPA Group

    TAPLinks is a conversation group for individuals experiencing progressive aphasia (different than post-stroke, TBI or tumor-related aphasia). Join us in weekly conversation group as we learn from each other and discuss lighthearted topics. Care partners are invited to join for support.
  • TAP into Music

    This group is led by a music therapist and focuses on melodic intonation to improve functional communication skills.

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