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Care Partner Support

I Love Someone with Aphasia

TAP Unlimited understands the impact of aphasia on those with the disorder, those who love and care for them and those who make up their community. Our services can reduce the social isolation that often results from a diagnosis of aphasia and can empower families with the tools and strategies to stay connected.

As a part of our weekly program offerings, TAP Unlimited hosts one support group for care partners of individuals with aphasia enrolled in TAP. This group is held virtually on Wednesdays from 3-4pm via Zoom. This group is facilitated by a trained speech pathologist and health coach Abbe Simon.

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Learning to Speak Aphasia Training

Visit our Trainings page for more information. 

Learning to Speak Aphasia is a free training offered monthly for family, friends, and those serving in the community. Effective and supportive communication is essential whether you want to support your loved one or interact with individuals with aphasia at your business. TAP’s philosophy encourages full life engagement and participation, and your Learning to Speak Aphasia will help our clients achieve that.