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Day 9 – Finding ways to communicate

Day 9 – Finding ways to communicate

Lorre H (with assistance from Group Leaders Lina and Heather)

Lorre is one of the Wednesday WakeMed’s communication group longest members – having come for almost 5 years! When asked about what it was like 6 years ago when she first had a stroke, she says, “I couldn’t talk or anything at all. It was awful.”

Why does she continue to come to TAP? “I like to see everybody and work on my talking. I love to see when others get better. like that a lot.”

Although Lorre struggles to get words out sometimes, she quickly will try and write some words down to help her get her point across. Her selfless nature helps boost the morale of the group (and of her friends outside TAP who can’t drive so she volunteers to bring them places!). She is fiercely independent and refuses to give up when things get tough.

She also challenges herself by participating in Book Club.Reading was something she did a lot of prior to her stroke but struggled with afterwards. What does she think the best part is? “Oh I like that every book is so different. I like to talk to others about it. Nice to get back into it.”

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