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Day 8 – 150% better!

Day 8 – 150% better!

David H

I had a stroke because of an aneurysm in 2016. I can’t hardly remember anything that happened. I was working at the time. After the hospital, my friends gave me a lot of help but I didn’t get normal therapy. I went to live with my dad who took care of things. I started coming to the TAP group in the summer with my dad. I couldn’t really talk then. My dad died in October [2016]. It’s ok now and my feelings are getting better.

I was living on my own in VA. My friends and my sister all live far from me. I kept coming to the group. In January [2017] TAP figured out a way I could get therapy and I have been getting better since.

I don’t know why it works. I am definitely better coming on Mondays [to the Winston-Salem TAP group]. A whole year ago, I hardly couldn’t talk. The people are nice and always help me with stuff I bring up.

It’s a mess but you’ve got to keep trying.

What other group members say about David:
“You come here every Monday and say ‘this is what I am figuring out’”
“150% better”
“I think you have limited opportunities to talk. I think it is good you come here.”
“He’s excitable, talking with aphasia!”
“When he started, he had limited vocabulary. Now he has a broader vocabulary. You are very good at talking now.”

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