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12 Days of TAP: Day 4

12 Days of TAP: Day 4

JR and Robin

JR: Hi. I’m JR. I have Primary Progressive Aphasia. I have a story about independence and TAP.

I was just nestling into the classes I get at TAP and learning a lot. Then I was invited by my cousin in Tennessee to join them in the mountains. Hooray! A trip! Taking walks alongside mountain creeks with Spring flowers edging the stream. She and I are both almost 80 years old – perfect hiking partners.

Then, Yikes! It means getting on an airplane!!  Alone!! the noise, the crowds, keeping up with everything. What if something happens and I need to be able to tell them who I am, but I can’t get the words out. How can I even think of going away by myself?

I turned to Maura at TAP for some hope. TAP had some information. Here’s my daughter. She’ll tell you more about it.

Robin: Hi. I’m JR’s daughter, Robin. Maura and TAP had great resources for helping Mom. There were a few different travel documents that Maura gave us that we personalized with her name, contact, and flight information. Most importantly, there was a document that explained what aphasia is and is not, and how someone could help her. We printed all this out and put it all in a BRIGHT RED zipper pouch that she could easily find if she got into a jam.

JR: Thank you Maura and TAP for helping me live with aphasia and travel all by myself!