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12 Days of TAP: Day 10

12 Days of TAP: Day 10

Michelle and Bruce Long


On September 30, Michelle unfortunately suffered multiple bi-literal strokes as a result of postoperative complications that were related to other health issues. After two months in two different hospitals Michelle came home on 11/19/22. She is much improved on her left side (it is almost back to normal) and is slowly regaining her speech (though she understands verbal and written communication). Her right side currently remains almost completely weak- though she does have some limited movement. She can stand by herself but requires 24-hour one-to-one assistance with transferring from bed to wheelchair to everything else. Her medical team remains incredibly optimistic that given Michelle’s age and progress to date she will regain a full and normal life of family, work, travel, church and anything else she wants to do.

Michelle has a number of unrelated, yet equally serious, health complications that were discovered during the most immediate acute treatment of the strokes. Addressing those complications were postponed until she regained neurological and physical stability. During the months of December and January, Michelle will undergo a number of additional procedures to address those complications and ensure her long-term health. This means she will be in and out of the hospital in addition to her weekly Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT) and Speech Therapy (ST) via home health and eventually out-patient rehab.

The Aphasia Project (Triangle Aphasia Project Unlimited) in Cary, NC has been exceptionally beneficial in helping us understand aphasia, apraxia and how/where to receive treatment within the first six months. We continue to lean on their expertise and would ask you to consider them in your end of year giving.