White Heavyweight Tee

Women’s Cut is Now Available!

Our TAP heavyweight tee comes in white only, with the full 4-colored logo on the front and the caption “APHASIA: Loss of Language NOT Intellect” on the back. Show people where your heart is, both coming and going!

To order by credit card, you can purchase online using the shopping cart below. We have supplies in stock, so you can pick up your purchase in the office.  If you’d prefer to have it shipped to you, a $2 shipping fee will apply per shirt ordered. All orders will be shipped via standard USPS shipping.

White Heavywieght Tee (back) Unisex - $12
White Heavywieght Tee (front)
Unisex – $12
White Heavywieght Tee (back)Unisex - $12
White Heavywieght Tee (back)
Unisex – $12


Shipping Fee

If desired, shipping is $2 per item ordered. Otherwise, you can pick up your order at the Cary Office. Simply stop by or email us to make arrangements.

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