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Triangle Aphasia Project Unlimited serves people with aphasia, their families, and their communities throughout North Carolina.

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TAP Serves the Individual

Our group programs for individuals with aphasia cater to different hobbies and passions, creating an environment where those with aphasia are motivated to work towards improved communication skills. Group programs are led by speech pathologists and volunteers.

TAP is currently offering virtual groups that meet via Zoom, with plans to reopen in-person groups during 2022.

TAP Serves the Family

TAP understands that when an individual in a family has aphasia, the entire family is impacted. TAP families are offered a variety of programs including Learning to Speak Aphasia, Communication Support Team training and more. The result is restoration of hope, determination, purpose, and engagement.

TAP Serves the Community

TAP Unlimited has its basis in social engagement and knows that an educated/supported community will provide the best opportunity for engagement. TAP Unlimited, and specifically, our Educational Coordinator, will be launching Communication Cognitive Training Certifications for healthcare professionals, community businesses and so much more.

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