Triangle Aphasia Project Unlimited (TAP)

TAP is a community based nonprofit organization that helps individuals with aphasia, their families and friends, and the community. Individuals with aphasia receive support and programming for as long as they want to, helping them return to the community with improved communicative confidence and full engagement. Programs are available for family/friends to Learn to Speak Aphasia©, as well as to healthcare providers and businesses to increase access to services in their community.

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A Question for you

If you had an emergency right now…whereever you are (at home, in the car or out and about at the mall)…would someone know:

1) that you or your loved one has aphasia? 2) that you have seizures? 3) that your right side is already weak?  4) how to get in touch with those you love?

In the past two weeks, TAP clients have experienced emergency medical situations, absent rides home and even a person suggesting that someone who suffers from aphasia was drunk!!!  Yes, it happens…

We don’t think about these situations until it’s too late…

Here’s some recommendations:

1) TAP clients should have a working/charged phone!  They are working on their communication and a cell / smartphone is a great way to encourage independence in this journey.

2)  There are emergency ID systems in every type of phone, such as the App:  ICE (or In Case of Emergency)  This app allows you to enter medical conditions, medications, emergency contact info and more in an app that is available without unlocking the person’s phone!  Apple products now all come with a Apple HealthApp

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3)  Wearable identification is another way to inform individuals of your medical and communication status.

Vintage MedicAlert Ball Chain Necklace

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These “jewelry” options often are connected to a main switchboard that can get information to your medical providers ASAP.

I found a great resource called DocuBank when I was collecting this information… the site makes customized Medical ID cards, but also has information on Advanced Directives and a special program for Special Needs Adults.

Stay tuned for a special TAPtalks on Advanced Directives, Power of Attorney, Healthcare Power, etc. 

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