Imagine suddenly being transported to a foreign country where you can’t speak or understand the language. Your intellect intact, with a clear knowledge of what you want to say, you have thought, but are without access to the words to say it or even write it. Words you hear or read appear unclear or without reference.
“Why can’t I communicate?”


What you have just imagined is what life is like for individuals with a communication disorder known as Aphasia. Aphasia is the result of injury to the brain from stroke, tumor and other illnesses. A person with aphasia retains intelligence, but experiences difficulty in speaking, reading, writing, and understanding spoken language.
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Triangle Aphasia Project Unlimited (TAP)

A non­profit organization that provides affordable, yet professionally­ directed services that help individuals, their family members, and friends improve communication even after prescribed treatment has ended. TAP helps individuals return to activities enjoyed prior to the onset of aphasia. Learn more…


We Need Your Help!

TAP Unlimited is a nonprofit organization and all programs and services could not be possible without the generous and ongoing support of our donors, community partners, and volunteers!


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