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Strides for Speech Training Programs

Thank you to in-kind sponsor, Neuse River CrossFit, for providing these training plans for Strides for Speech!

A note from John Prescott:

Hi I’m John. Gym owner, adaptive coach, leader, and brain surgery survivor.  I have been diagnosed with Aphasia but I am living proof that it doesn’t have to be the end of the road.  These programs were curated with years of experience and trial and error.  At Neuse River we believe that healing from any ailment can start with fitness so please take these programs and utilize them.  If there is something you’re uncertain about feel free to reach out and ask at  I hope this can help you on your journey.

All of these programs are without a warm-up because everybody is different. I do recommend some mobility and stretching before each day as well as active ( movement )  stretching each day. You may also find that YouTube will answer any questions you might have about a specific movements but you are always welcome to reach out to me.

Couch to 5k 6 week program

5k for Speed Training Program

5K Training in Wheelchair or Walker

5K Training for Neuro Affected Athletes