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Day 6 – Never Give Up

Day 6 – Never Give Up

Lorraine Scott (Written by Jeanine Richardson)

My mother, Lorraine Scott, had a stroke March 16, 2013. We were told it was a massive stroke due to her initial loss of speech and the loss of movement on her right side. While at Wake Med Hospital, during therapy we were advised of TAP Unlimited, and how this program could help mom recover at her own pace. We filled out the client intake form, with a referral from the Wake Med therapists and carried on with the daunting task of recovery. Mom went to an additional therapy program in Zebulon, and the consensus was they had reached their limit with her recovery. It was stated that she could always remember more words over time.

After my mother moved in with me from rehab, Maura contacted us and inquired if we were still interested in TAP. At the time I was overwhelmed and advised yes, however I would be unable to get her to the weekday groups. She suggested not to give up on the opportunity and to come to the Open House TAP was having in a week. We went to the Open House and what made me feel secure about mom joining was when Maura came up to us and first acknowledged my mother. She then encouraged mom to speak, not nod, but attempt to articulate a word. I was impressed immediately. Too many times I have seen experts ignore my mom and speak to me about her, in front of her. Maura made it a point to engage my mother. She also suggested we attend the Saturday Cary speech group determining it would be a good fit. She was right, and it has made a world of difference.

Each Saturday mom and I attend the Cary speech group. It has given my mother the confidence to use her words more and she has also learned more options of communication; writing, and gestures. During her time with TAP, mom has developed new hobbies such as painting and making jewelry. With the help of such great instructors like Kelley Shaver and Betsy Janes, mom has the additional support she needs to continue improving. We are very grateful for TAP.

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