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Day 7 – TAP is a second home!

Day 7 – TAP is a second home!

Don B

When I am at TAPS I feel at home. I feel like there are other people just like me that I can completely relate to and talk with on the same level. There is a special commonality and comradery that I feel with my TAPS friends and I have developed some special friendships with them over the past two years. I really enjoy spending time with them and their spouses and have spent many wonderful evenings socializing and getting to know them better outside of TAPS as well.

I especially enjoy the many various activities that TAPS has to offer each week like our singing group, harmonica playing, group discussions, writing classes and performing. I really enjoyed the recent TAPS fundraiser where I was cheered on as I crossed the finish line~ that meant allot to me. Our trip to the Legislature this summer where we met our state representatives and lobbied for TAPS was a very memorable and fun time as well!

There is really so much to say about what TAPS means to me…TAPS has helped me regain so much of my ability to talk and enabled me to better express what I want to say to those around me with confidence. In summary, TAPS has become a very big part of my life and where I go each week to find acceptance, encouragement and hope. I love all of the people at TAPS and all that it means to me.~