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Connect with our Community

TAP Unlimited is committed to reducing communication barriers for those with aphasia in the communities in which they live, work and play. Communicative access is achieved through increasing awareness, availability of training for sectors of the community (i.e., healthcare module, businesses, etc.) and advocacy efforts.

Learning to Speak Aphasia Training

The Learning to Speak Aphasia Training is recorded and a schedule will be released in mid-Sept. 

Learning to Speak Aphasia is a free training offered monthly for family, friends, and those serving in the community. Effective and supportive communication is essential whether you want to support your loved one or interact with individuals with aphasia at your business. TAP’s philosophy encourages full life engagement and participation, and your Learning to Speak Aphasia will help our clients achieve that. 


TAP Unlimited enjoys collaborations with NC hospital systems, rehabilitation programs, private practices and Universities. Here’s a few of the relationships we cherish.


TAP appreciates the role we have in a person’s rehabilitation programming and are grateful for the statewide hospital systems that we engage with in the service of people with aphasia and their families. Once considered the last step along the continuum of care, TAP now works in synergy with the therapy program from the moment a diagnosis of aphasia is made to the individual’s return to their community roles. We provide tools, trainings and resources for our partners in the healthcare field and work together on the patient-centered goals.

Community Resources

TAP works together with area nonprofit organizations including stroke, brain injury and dementia groups. We have shared in grant projects, presentations, and advocacy efforts.


Our connections with universities include student engagement, training and internships, as well as shared research opportunities. Our nonprofit has benefited greatly from the associations with these colleges to provide organizational and program advancements.

Aphasia Community

TAP honors its place in the larger aphasia community. As a founding member of Aphasia Access and an affiliate of the National Aphasia Association, participates in advancements in the field of aphasia programming, research and advocacy. Our collaborations include membership, committee service and presentations.

Awareness and Advocacy

TAP’s efforts to fully engage individuals and support the family, could not be complete without supporting aphasia awareness messaging. TAP seeks to familiarize everyone with the word “aphasia”, what it is, and more importantly, what it is not. We strive to reduce communication barriers and assist individuals in returning to the social, vocational and avocational roles and passions they had prior to their diagnosis of aphasia. We believe in affirming all individuals, recognizing their competency regardless of the level of support they require. TAP arranges and participating in aphasia awareness efforts locally, state-wide, nationally and internationally.