New Client

TAP Unlimited is a nonprofit organization that supports individuals with aphasia, their family/friends and the community. ANY family dealing with aphasia should be referred to TAP Unlimited. Even if an individual is not a candidate for a particular group program, or a family is not in need of any support / training, … the availability of these programs should be considered by all involved and connecting to this important community resource will help in so many ways.

A TAP referral can come from a Speech Pathologist, a physician, or any healthcare professional. The referral process is easy, and personalized to meet the unique needs of the person and his / her family.

TAP Referral Process:

1. Contact TAP Unlimited
Phone: 919-650-3854

2. Fill out and return the Client Intake Form.
Client Intake Form

3. An initial complementary consultation will be scheduled with our TAP Unlimited Staff. This 30 minute meeting at our TAP Unlimited Headquarters/Office in Cary will allow for introduction to the program, assessment of needs and coordination of services we can offer to your family. The consultation will also serve to review our program fundamentals, as well as welcome you to the TAP Unlimited family.

TAP Fee Structure

The Triangle Aphasia Project, Unlimited is committed to providing individualized, compassionate programming for individuals with aphasia and not cause additional financial burden for the individual and/or the family. To meet that objective, we do the following:

  • Insurance is not accepted as payment for TAP services or sought in any way for reimbursement of services rendered.
  • Payments for services are accepted in cash, check, or (where applicable) the use of a credit or debit card.
  • Scholarships are available to individuals unable to pay full costs. These scholarships offer 50% or full assistance based on client need.
  • Punch cards are used for TAP group programming and are used for all group programs. The number of punches is value-based (that is, one punch for a 1-hour group, 1.5 punches for a 1.5-hour group, 3 punches for Aphasia Day.)
  • Punch cards are purchased prior to the programming and are available in $50 (10-punch) and $100 (20-punch) denominations.
  • Punch cards need to be brought to every group program and marked by TAP staff following the program.
  • Unused punch cards are not refundable. 

TAP Supports the Individual

TAP Unlimited supports the individual with aphasia with group programming, coordination of Communication Support Teams (CST’s ) and pairing of the individual with collaborative programs. Groups are located around the Triangle area and are unique in their rehabilitative focus, as well as their social-communicative opportunities. Individuals may choose to participate in several of the TAP groups/programs that are offered!

TAP Supports the Family

TAP understands that when an individual in a family has aphasia, the entire family is impacted, including those with children, extended family and friends. TAP families are offered a variety of programs, including Learning to Speak Aphasia Training, Communication Support Team Training and our new specialized Children’s Training Program. TAPnet, our support group component, is also available to deal with the effects of aphasia/stroke/brain injury on the family.

TAP Supports the Community

TAP Unlimited has it’s basis in social engagement and knows that an educated/supported community will provide the best opportunity for engagement. TAP Unlimited, and specifically, our Educational Coordinator, will be launching Communication Cognitive Training Certifications for healthcare professionals, community businesses and so much more.