DAY 4 – My Definition of TAP

Joel / Kevin Coleman

Joel (Kevin) Coleman – 50 years-old Stroke Survivor
I had my Ischemic stroke on July 15th, 2017 critical part my recovery was getting the TPA in the 4-hour window of time. Medical Staff at two hospitals REX, UNC saving me some from normalcy. If not all there, but I know I was spared for a reason… to be more IMPACTFUL. After going to speech rehab for 6 months. When going to REHAB the Speech Pathologist know told me about TAP. I been going for a year now. I was pick for a Study for UNC Electrode Stimulation therapy Jan. – June to spurned building your pathways back for your Language part of a brain. TAP It’s my extended-family they are helping me to keep my dignity through this trying part-of-life. All the different groups for Survivors and their Families with various things to do to help get better and coping every day. All the survivors have a common thread of wake-up to your life alter in a way never thought about before. Everybody’s journey of recovery it’s different. But initial feelings of not knowing where your life journey will go after, acceptance of the cards you been dealt. I feel a kindred bond with every survivor I meet in the travels around me.

Mrs. Silverman It’s my Angel on Earth more people’s Angel too. I know she’s been a champion for the voiceless for a long time that why I wanted to do MORE to help getting word out about APHASIA and STROKES. Aphasia not apart your intelligence you are still you it’s communication breakdown in your brain. TAP to guide my heartfelt feeling of gratitude and have aspiration to get better every day. TAP always be part of my existence from now on. TAP is a resource that every communities should have to bridge the gap from hospital to rehab to therapy and lifetime recovery. Hope, Purpose, Determination and Engagement IT’s TAP.