DAY 3 – Stumbling Into Inspiration

Amy Davis

In my lifetime, I have realized that it is possible to stumble upon opportunities that open up a whole new world in ones’ journey. This is what happened to me when Maura invited me to join the TAP family. What I have experienced during my one year at TAP, has filled my heart and provided immense gratification in my professional work. I am surrounded by people eager to make a difference, who struggle, who love.

Being the Office Manager, does not lend itself to actual group participation however the conversations and laughter, drift to my office allowing a glimpse of the magic that happens in these groups. Our clients have motivated me to be brave and conquer fears. Our clients have inspired me to keep trudging regardless of discomfort. Our clients have taught me to step outside my shyness and limitations and see the possibilities.

These clients, who are so heroic, are supported by group leaders, volunteers, caregivers and our board. And of course, there is Maura… who challenges me daily, makes me roar with laughter and shed an occasional tear while sharing her first-hand experiences. Her passion creates passion.

TAP’s integrity, empathy and true family values are what makes TAP a safe place for clients and their loved ones. This commitment to continued services for clients and their families, while raising awareness to those who have never heard of aphasia, keep us motivated and forever grateful for the support others have provided. May the journey continue…

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season!