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Day 6 – It’s a journey…it’s a marathon

Day 6 – It’s a journey…it’s a marathon

~ Joey P.

My husband, Joey Propst, suffered from two massive strokes in January
of this year at the age of 46. At the time the strokes happened we were unaware that Joey had any health problems, other than a cold that had caused a severe headache. We heard of the Triangle Aphasia Project (TAP) and Maura, the Executive Director, from speech therapists starting at the intensive care unit at Duke and then later while at WakeMed for acute Rehabilitation. The therapists at both locations explained Aphasia and Apraxia to me. It was all very overwhelming.

Joey joined TAP after beginning outpatient therapy. TAP has been
invaluable to Joey’s recovery. It has given him a place to go to work with others that have similar circumstances. Joey’s spirits have been bolstered by seeing others at TAP who have improved. The hope and support from TAP helps him believe that his reading, writing and speech will improve and that working his mind to create new pathways is important. He has gained confidence from attending the TAP sessions.

We are just finishing the first year of the long marathon called
recovery. I cannot imagine the year without TAP. We are so grateful that Maura is able to lead such a wonderful group to help people with Aphasia and Apraxia.