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Day 3 – The Communicative Power of a Smile!

Day 3 – The Communicative Power of a Smile!

~ Joyce C.

From Sam – Joyce’s husband:
Joyce had her stroke in May 2011. TAP means a lot to her and to our family. Going to the TAP group helps her in so many ways. It has given her a safe space for being understood. TAP gives her the opportunity to improve herself while in a sense of community. She has gained friendships despite the social roadblocks her aphasia has brought. She has something to look forward to with all the smiles that go around! With the support of her TAP family and friends she finds the strength to never give up!

From Lina and Heather (Group Leaders):
Joyce always comes to group with smiles for everyone. Despite her communication barriers, she is eager to participate using whatever means she can. She accepts any and all communication challenges we throw her way and is proud to share them with her friends in the group.

We also can’t talk about Joyce without mentioning her husband Sam. He provides never-ending support for Joyce. He is a fixture of the TAP group as much as she is! He doesn’t just provide encouragement to Joyce, but he is always near by to step in and help the other group members as well. The Wednesday Raleigh group just wouldn’t be the same without these two!