Celebrate TAP's 20th Anniversary

Day 10 – Partners in the Community…Bridge II Sports

Day 10 – Partners in the Community…Bridge II Sports

~ Ashley Thomas, Founder and Director

TAP – What it means to me

T – Transform: make a thorough or dramatic change. Triangle Aphasia Project’s methods transforms lives, yes, the person who is effected, but also the community around that person. Our greater community is transformed through the loving, guided methods of recovery and care. A voice in darkness.

A – Advocate: a person who publicly changes policy. Triangle Aphasia Project’s ground breaking methodology is impacting the community of medical providers and audiologist using a holistic approach. Voices of Change.

P – Potential: having the capacity to develop into something in the future. The Triangle Aphasia sees what is not yet seen, and with their experience is able to breath hope and life into the heart. A voice is found.

TAP has designed a successful model that is building life back to those lost their voice through injury. I value their methods and love partnering with them through adapted sports!

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