TAP Presentation

July 2017
Tori McKenney

We hope you enjoy this presentation, created by one of our very talented volunteers, and delivered to the Wake Med Rehab department.


Aphasia Spotlight: Triangle Aphasia Project in North Carolina

Jul 10, 2017 | by Maura Silverman & Angie Maher

Dealing with aphasia can be a long, hard road for many. Thankfully, there are organizations dedicated to helping and supporting that journey. Meet the Triangle Aphasia Project, Unlimited and the services it provides to people who have aphasia.

TAP, or the Triangle Aphasia Project, Unlimited is a program that was built by and for individuals with aphasia in the “Triangle Research” area of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Read more  

People With Aphasia Get Voices Heard at NCGA

Leah Asmelash | June 9, 2017
North Carolina Health News

Fifteen years ago, Maura Silverman was a frustrated speech therapist watching patients with aphasia get discharged from services before they were ready. Insurance companies made the call, leaving her with little say in the matter.

So Silverman took matters into her own hands and founded the Triangle Aphasia Project, an organization dedicated to serving people with aphasia.
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Woody Durham joins Governor Roy Cooper for Aphasia awareness

Robert Willett | Jun 07, 2017
News & Observer, Raleigh NC

Video: State Attorney General Josh Stein talks about the deadly effects of synthetic opioid, like Fentanyl, which killed 332 people last year in North Carolina. Stein Wednesday, told a group of local health directors that the state’s opioid drug crisis is killing four people across the state each day.

Triangle Aphasia Project hopes to empower those who can’t find their words

By Lori D. R. Wiggins | May 24, 2017
News & Observer, Raleigh NC

Imagine there’s a file cabinet in your head. In it is stored all the words you know and love and use to communicate daily, with everyone, about everything. They’re all in place, each organized by its grammatical nuances and ready to grab and speak, read or write.

Suddenly, though, the file cabinet tips over, scattering all the words you know and love and use onto the floor in front of you, disorganized and unreachable.
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Your Health Radio

Our own Research Co-coordinator, Dr. Adam Jacks, was featured on YOUR HEALTH:  UNC Family Medicine’s Weekly Health Radio Show!!  Here’s the podcast for replay so you can tune in when you can!

This weekend on YOUR HEALTH® Adam & guest co-host Laurel Sisler welcome Dr. Adam Jacks, associate professor of speech and hearing sciences at UNC’s Allied Health, for a conversation about aphasia and how communication can literally break down for some patients.
Your Health
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Aphasia Access Podcast

Maura Silverman was honored to present this podcast for Aphasia Access. Click here or on the image below to go to the Aphasia Access site to listen to it. While you are there, feel free to check out many of the other great resources they have for aphasia as well.

Aphasia Connects: Aphasia Health Initiative for Triangle Area

CARY, NC (January 20, 2017) – The Triangle Aphasia Project, Unlimited (TAP) is pleased to announce that the community-based nonprofit has been awarded a $25,000 grant from The Ribbon of Hope program of the North Carolina GlaxoSmithKline Foundation.

Aphasia Connects is a health initiative featuring activities that help people with aphasia to reengage in the community while improving an individual’s competence and increasing confidence in social settings.
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Tar Heel of the Week – June 13, 2015

Read the News and Observer article about TAP’s Executive Director, Maura Silverman