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TAP Unlimited’s Children’s Program

People with aphasia suffer not only from loss of language abilities, but also from the isolation and role changes that are unfortunate realities of this communication impairment. As devastating as it is to have difficulty understanding, reading, writing, or speaking the language they have known their entire life, the damage that it inflicts on the relationships they cherish is a greater, and more personally devastating loss.

Programs designed for managing aphasia have traditionally focused on the individual person. In recent years this approach has broadened to include an individual’s interaction with primary communicative partners, caregivers, and even friends and co-workers. Many aphasia programs even teach businesses how to be “aphasia friendly.” With these exciting changes, our field has a challenge to address other vital relationships: the one between parent and child, and grandparent and child. Children are often confused and left out of communication training. Imagine a parent or grandparent being unable to read a simple bedtime story, or inquire about the child’s daily activities.

TAP is honored to have collaborated with individuals
whose ideas were born of personal need, passion, and compassion.
The Triangle Aphasia Project, Unlimited is leading the way with attention to these relationships, the roles they play in the family and how they affect perceptions of self-worth. I’d like to introduce you now to some of the main components of our Children’s Program. We hope that this exciting addition to TAP services benefits the world of aphasia.

MacKenzie Root

MacKenzie Root. One such person is MacKenzie Root. MacKenzie’s father suffered a traumatic brain injury and has aphasia. MacKenzie has developed a website and blog for other children who experience this challenge. Through idea exchanges and activities, Glowing In The Dark, serves to connect children, and provide hope and encouragement.


love after stroke

Megan Nosol
Megan Nosol, a speech-language pathologist, adds another piece to our Children’s Program. Megan authored a children’s book titled “Love After a Stroke” while she was in graduate school. Megan hopes that this book will provide families a way to jump-start discussions about stroke and aphasia with their children.


puppet show

TAP Unlimited is excited to share news of our production, “Princess Crumpet and the Baker of Battertown.” This adorable puppet show has been transformed into a DVD training program, specific to the preschool or elementary age child impacted by aphasia. (We thank Rex Healthcare for their support as well as donors of the Joseph R. English Scholarship.)