12 Days of TAP 2018

This end of year tradition is a time to highlight the true meaning of TAP…the impact of our existence and service onto individuals and families.

TAP understands that organizations need to prove their worth,…their value to the community. Many times this “outcome data” measures changes in language levels, small increments of improved scores on an auditory comprehension test or better word finding abilities. But, we also understand that TRUE change, the often intangible impact that TAP allows, are the friendships, increases in social engagement, connectedness and improved communicative confidence.

This year, once again, we are able to share stories of change…in ways that matter more than any score on any test! We are deeply appreciative to those who have shared their stories for this year’s 12 Days of TAP! Enjoy and Share!

  • Day 12 – Rebuilding my life, one speech at a time! Day 12  - Rebuilding my life, one speech at a time! Jeff Charles I am Jeff Charles and I survived a stroke that took 20% of my brain in February 2017. When I became conscious after my stroke I realized I could not walk, swallow, speak or write. I had aphasia and could not spell or concentrate. When I left the hospital rehab center 6 weeks ... Continue reading >
  • Day 11 – Delivering Confidence Day 11 - Delivering ConfidenceKellie: I had a stroke two weeks after I had my second baby. His name is Carson. Continue reading >
  • Day 10 – We Found a Home Day 10 - We Found a HomeWhen Ken’s stroke occurred on May 20, 2018, life changed dramatically and forever for both of us. He awoke from this event with Global Aphasia. Continue reading >
  • DAY 9 – Turning 50 with TAP DAY 9 - Turning 50 with TAPOn November 8, 2018 I turned 50! A year earlier, on the day I turned 49 and began my 50th year of life, I knew I wanted to do something BIG to celebrate this half-century milestone – something big that involved giving back. Continue reading >
  • DAY 8 – Self EsteAm DAY 8 - Self EsteAmMy name is Tamara Lapsley and I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist and a TAP Communication Support Team volunteer. A little over 5 years ago, a dear family friend’s 18 year old son — Austin Harrell – suffered a large LMCA stroke. Continue reading >
  • DAY 7 – Caregiving Support DAY 7 - Caregiving SupportMy mom, Karen, had a stroke three years ago that left her unable to talk. This has been a huge learning experience that has had its ups and downs. Continue reading >
  • DAY 6 – Unexpected Detours DAY 6 - Unexpected DetoursA rare early December winter ice/snow ‘event’ is forecast to impact the RDU area this weekend, but who can know for certain, and how does one prepare? Continue reading >
  • DAY 5 – The People Are the Reason DAY 5 - The People Are the ReasonOver two million people in the US have aphasia. That’s more people living with aphasia than living with Parkinson’s disease, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), or Multiple Sclerosis, yet about 85% of people in the US do not know what aphasia is. Continue reading >
  • DAY 4 – My Definition of TAP DAY 4 - My Definition of TAPJoel (Kevin) Coleman – 50 years-old Stroke SurvivorI had my Ischemic stroke on July 15th, 2017 critical part my recovery was getting the TPA in the 4-hour window of time. Medical Staff at two hospitals REX, UNC saving me some from normalcy. Continue reading >
  • DAY 3 – Stumbling Into Inspiration DAY 3 - Stumbling Into InspirationIn my lifetime, I have realized that it is possible to stumble upon opportunities that open up a whole new world in ones’ journey. This is what happened to me when Maura invited me to join the TAP family. Continue reading >